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Monday, January 14, 2013 On Monday evening, members of the Hose Company gathered at House 4 for the monthly meeting, which also included election of officers for 2013.  Here are the results:

President: Charles Packard Sr.

Vice President: Frank Hawley

Treasurer: Joe Weatherstein

Secretary: Elaine Burchette

Chief: Scott Hurst

Deputy Chief: Bob Goll Jr.

1st Assistant Chief: Steve Allers

2nd Assistant Chief: Matty Bannon

Captain 5-1: Ryan Stevens

Captain 5-2: Taylor Miller

Captain 5-3: Phil Hines

Captain 5-4: Craig Triplett

Captain 5-5: Shawn Hurst

1st Lieutenant 5-1: Mike Forgey

1st Lieutenant 5-2: Billy Lamana

1st Lieutenant 5-3: Allen Dinan

1st Lieutenant 5-4: Brett Wilson

1st Lieutenant 5-5: Scott Pentz

2nd Lieutenant 5-1: Ron Cardwell

2nd Lieutenant 5-2: Mike Shenk

2nd Lieutenant 5-3: Steve Andrews

2nd Lieutenant 5-4: Nathan Sampson

2nd Lieutenant 5-5: Brian Remines

House 1 BOD: Ron Cardwell

House 2 BOD: Bob Goll Jr.

House 3 BOD: Joe Miller

House 4 BOD: Jimbo Sampson

House 5 BOD: Paul Ishak

Congratulations to those elected & many thanks to the 2012 Officers for all their hard work.