Towering Over River City Deuces Wild Home Of Engine513

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The Susquehanna Hose Company is responsible for the fire protection services for the City of Havre De Grace, Maryland. Havre De Grace is located along the Susquehanna River as it enters into the Chesapeake Bay. The City of Havre De Grace has a population of around 16 thousand people and is famous for its waterfront, decoys, and the Concord Point Lighthouse. The Susquehanna Hose Company consists of five firehouses that operate 5 Engines, Tower, Quint, Rescue, Mini-Pumper, 3 Boats, Dive Unit, Swift Water Unit and 4 Utility Vehicles. The Hose Company has responded to each and every call alerted for over the last several decades and is known as "The Fastest Volunteers in the Nation" because of its extremely fast response times. The Susquehanna Hose Company consistently responds 7-8 pieces of fire apparatus on calls. We pride ourselves on our dedication to the citizens of Havre De Grace.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017  On Sunday night at 2317 hours, the 95-93 South Rescue Box was struck for the reported vehicle accident with entrapment, southbound I-95 on the Millard Tydings Memorial Bridge.  Dispatch advised all units that they were receiving multiple reports of several tractor trailers overturned on the bridge with entrapment.  Deputy Chief 5, Chief 5-2 & Medic 591 were first on scene and reported two separate accidents, each involving an overturned tractor trailer, with one of the drivers unable to exit his tractor.  Quint 5 was next on scene at the tractor with the occupant still inside and quickly went to work removing the windshield to extricate the patient.  While that patient was being removed, Engine 512's crew checked the vehicle for any additional hazards, while Engine 515's crew checked the second incident for hazards, both of which proved negative.  One patient was transported to Bayview Trauma Center by Cecil Medic 692 & remaining crews cleared shortly after.  Both accidents were determined to be caused by strong winds.

Other units on scene: Paramedic 1 & Cecil Rescue 6




Saturday, February 4, 2017  On Saturday at 0059 hours, the Hose Company was alerted for two Engines as part of the 211 Fire Box, for the reported apartment fire at 6 N Post Road. Deputy Chief 5, Engine 512 (w/4) & Engine 514 (w/5) marked up shortly after alert, with Tower 5 (w/4) also being requested to fill out the box assignment. Engine 214 was first on scene at 0104 hours with fire showing from the bravo side of the 2.5 story apartment building, requested the working fire dispatch & two additional engines (Engine 513 with 8 & Engine 515 with 6). Upon arriving on scene, Hose Company crews handled the following tasks:

Engine 514 - Ladders, search & check floor above for extension
Engine 512 - RIT
Tower 5 - Positive Pressure Ventilation
Engine 513 - Reported to manpower pool, placed in service shortly after arrival
Engine 515 - Placed in service upon arrival & transferred to Co 2 House 1

During this time, Quint 5 & Rescue 5 remained staffed in their respective stations & Engine 113 from the Level Volunteer Fire Company transferred to Company 5 House 1.




Susquehanna Hose Company January 2017 StatsTotal Calls - 49

Average Dispatch to Enroute Time - 1 minute & 32 seconds

Apparatus Runs:
E511 - Out of service
E512 - 31
E513 - 18
E514 - 15
E515 - 8
TW531 - 15
Q535 - 23
MP545 - 3
R551- 12
M552 - 0

Top Ten Responders (# of calls):
Phil Hines - 45
Stephen Buchanan - 44
Cameron Carter - 44
Steve Allers - 42
Joe Mergler - 41
Tom Phelan - 41
John Stansbury - 41
Amanda Close - 41
Andrew Lempka - 40
Chad Myers - 40
Wayne Carroll - 40




Monday, January 9, 2017 

President: Joe Miller
Vice President: Paul Ishak
Treasurer: Joe Weatherstein
Secretary: Gail Reeder

Chief: Scott Hurst
Deputy Chief: Steve Allers
1st Assistant Chief: Wayne Carroll
2nd Assistant Chief: Brian Remines

Captain 5-1: Shawn Forton
1st Lieutenant 5-1: Malena Carroll
2nd Lieutenant 5-1: Marty Walsh
House 1 Board of Director: Donald Wooten

Captain 5-2: Bob Goll Jr.
1st Lieutenant 5-2: Andrew Lempka
2nd Lieutenant 5-2: TC Glassman
House 2 Board of Director: Bob Goll Jr.

Captain 5-3: Allen Dinan
1st Lieutenant 5-3: Charlie Jones
2nd Lieutenant 5-3: Ian Morlok
House 3 Board of Director: Bill Reeder

Captain 5-4: Craig Triplett
1st Lieutenant 5-4: Jon Welsh
2nd Lieutenant 5-4: Drew Triplett
House 4 Board of Director: Craig Triplett

Captain 5-5: Chad Myers
1st Lieutenant 5-5: Scott Pentz
2nd Lieutenant 5-5: Billy Lamana
House 5 Board of Director: Charlie Packard

Congratulations to all those elected & thank you to all those who previously served.




Sunday, January 8, 2017  Engine 514 (1st Engine), Engine 512 (2nd Engine) & Quint 535 (Special Called - 2nd Truck) worked this dwelling fire in the 2200blk Titan Terrace (202 Box Area) on Sunday night. Crews found fire in the attached garage, that had been converted to a bedroom, which was quickly knocked.




Sunday, December 18, 2016  Due to this weekend's inclement weather, Santa has updated his schedule with the SHCo.....

Wednesday 12/21 Evening - Chapel Road Area Developments, Greenway Farms Development, Bradford Green Development, Lewis Lane Area & Development

Thursday 12/22 Evening - Bloomsbury Ave/Chesapeake Dr/Seneca Ave Area

Friday 12/23 Morning & Evening - Meadowvale Area, Somerset Manor, 500-700blk N Stokes & N Adams St Area, Susquehanna River Hills Area

Keep an ear out for the sirens!!!




Friday, December 16, 2016  Engines 512 and 515 operated at this Cecil County 2nd Alarm Fire Friday night in the 200 block of N Main Street in Port Deposit (Cecil County). First arriving crews from Water Witch Volunteer Fire Company found fire showing from a detached garage with extension to the 2 story vacant dwelling. Crews initially operated in the defensive mode, before transitioning to an offense attack in the dwelling. Hose Company crews remained for scene for approximately 3 hours before returning to service.




The Susquehanna Hose Company's 2016 Fund Drive is currently under way. Be on the lookout for our official fund drive newsletter in your mailbox this coming week. Included will be information on joining our department, a year in review newsletter, and an official donation card. This year we are pleased to continue an online donation method which can be accessed by scanning the QR code on the donation form, or by clicking this PayPal link. Thank you for your time and support and we hope you have a safe day!!




Friday, December 9, 2016  Be on the lookout for Santa Claus & his Susquehanna Hose Company Elves on the following dates:

Saturday 12/17 - Chapel Road Area Developments

Sunday 12/18 - Meadowvale Area, Somerset Manor, 500-700blk N Stokes & N Adams St Area

Wednesday 12/21 & Thursday 12/22 - Bradford Green, Bloomsbury Ave Area, Greenway Development, Lewis Lane Area




Saturday, December 3, 2016  The SHCo assisted The Aegis & Randy McRoberts today with their Empty Stocking Fund for children in need. Multiple toys were donated & we look forward to participating in this fund again in the future. 



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